Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Modern Rustic Winter Cake.

Winter wedding cakes do not always have to be white, blue, or covered in snowflakes-- it's possible to add a touch of pastel. On the same note, vintage or rustic wedding cakes do not always have to be composed of muted color tones, damask patterns, lace, or burlap-- it's okay to add a bit of clean lines. Fusing concepts and themes is unique and gorgeous.

What truly matters is how the design elements of the cake and props tie in together. For example, for a modern and rustic fusion wedding, instead of a traditional cake stand, this cake can be placed on a dark wine crate (similar in color to the table) on top of a black dresser. The cake can be surrounded by a mix of milk glass vases and clear vintage bud vases of different heights, shapes, and widths filled with a blossom or two or a few bare branches. Hanging rustic frames or mirrors can be used as the backdrop for the cake table. Anybody else envisioning what I am envisioning?

For a winter wedding, the cake can be placed on a white cakestand with a silver satin bow tied to the middle of the pedestal to complement the edible sugarpaste bow on the cake covered in silver leaf. Or on second thought, I think the cake would also look nice on a silver or shimmery light grey cake stand. Add some square white vases filled with white blossoms and accents of black privet berries and all is complete.

All in all, what I am trying to get at is the fact that weddings, wedding colors, and cake do not have to be a duplicate of what was seen on Pinterest. Though I love Pinterest and all things wedding-relevant on there, I want to challenge brides to think outside of Pinterest and assure them that it is okay to create something different and refreshing. After all, most people are far more creative than they think. :)

Photography: Miso
Cake Stand: Sarah's Stands A Cake Stand Company 


  1. Miso, ALL your cakes look so beautiful!!! I am an aspiring baker and would like to ask where you received your pastry education? Does it matter where one attends? Thanks so much!

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