Monday, December 23, 2013

Happy Holidays + Thank You's!

What a year 2013 has been.
I still cannot believe it is almost over. Didn't the year start like... yesterday?

My heart is happy and at peace as I reflect back on this year's journey.
2013 was a magnificent year and I feel honored to be able to say it.
Though there were some stumbles here and there, I have been able to stay optimistic throughout it all-- thanks to the supportive people I am surrounded with.

I am lucky. I have been blessed with the most fabulous group of friends, mentors, supporters, peers, co-workers, etc. They encourage me, inspire me, challenge me, keep me accountable, bless me with opportunities, give me honest (sometimes very honest) feedback, support me, assist me, and just simply, deal with me. Trust me, Miso can be a little difficult and stubborn at times. :)

As I say most every year, thank you for journeying with me this year. Yet again, there were many firsts this year, but of them, the most valuable was teaching in Spain. I want to take the time again and thank the hosts at Sweet Kala Talleres (and Hotel Arce) in Baiona and Dulces Ilusiones in Valdemoro, and all my students who participated in my classes. Thank you so much for trusting me, for driving hours to take my classes, for being so welcoming and friendly, for making me laugh, for being so patient and understanding. I could go on and on about how much their presence meant to me, but I don't want to overdo my thank you's. As they say, less is more. But really, I will never forget my first teaching experience and the students I met. The firsts in life can never be replaced.

Last but not least, a big hug and thank you to my supporters. Thank you for your messages and emails and for sharing stories of your journey. It means a lot to me.

May this holiday season fill your heart with happiness and peace.
Thank you for a year full of opportunities where I not only grew as Miso and Miso Bakes, but as a person. Here's to another year of cakes and yet another year of twenty-somethings.

Photographed by: Sylvia G Photography


  1. What a beautiful cake! I hope you enjoyed your holidays and wish you a great 2014!

  2. Stunning...I love everything about it. The dimensions, the colors, the shimmery silvers nestled into the matte earthy greens. A perfect cake to end 2013 & start 2014...

    1. Thank you Karen! :) Happy New Year!