Friday, May 10, 2013


I love fondant, but I have always had a bigger heart for buttercream.
I am so excited to see buttercream cakes slowly, but surely, making a comeback!

I was browsing through Craftsy and found two buttercream classes! Best part is, one of them is free!

If you didn't already know, Craftsy offers a free buttercream class called Modern Buttercream taught by Joshua John Russell. I haven't been able to sit through this class yet, but from what I have skimmed through, you will learn how to evenly level cakes, trim cake layers, and mask a cake in buttercream. Even if you have mastered the art of buttercream, I think it would be a great opportunity to review and re-learn some of the skills.

If this class isn't enough, they have another class called Piping Buttercream Borders taught by Roland Winbeckler currently offered at 50% off! I was only able to watch the preview, but I love Roland's storytelling and personal approach in interacting with his audience-- it's a breath of fresh air!

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope your weekend is full of buttercream! I can't wait to make time and sit through both classes. Perhaps I will do so with a bowl of popcorn! :)


  1. This is great, Miso! Thanks so much! :)

  2. I happen to be a true Craftsy fan - I'll be curious to hear what you think about Joshua John Russell's methods. Some techniques seem either wasteful or backwards to me.